Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stay Tuned.....

Socarobics is a workout routine that fuses aerobic steps with the movements associated with dancing to soca music. Soca music was originated in the twin isles of Trinidad and Tobagoa which is best known for its rivetting and pulsating baseline infused with the sweet melodies of island music. Socarobics is a total body cardio workout that combines the middle and pelvic movements with basic aerobic steps. You are encouraged to relax your inhibitons and to enjoy the music!

I have wonderful news! Socarobics is on the move! For those of you who have already experienced this amazing workout routine, I will now be teaching class at various locations in the fall. For those of you who have experienced this dynamic workout, Socarobics will be in more than one location in the upcoming fall. The schedule is as follows:

Monday: 6-7pm
Roy Arias Studios & Theaters
300 West 43rd St, Studio 401B
New York, NY 10036

Wednesday: 6:40-7:40pm
Q's Fitness, Inc
1112 Rutland Rd, 2nd Fl.
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Saturday: 1o-11am
1145 East 55th St
Brooklyn, NY 11234

All are welcomed to partake in the Socarobics expericnce.

Socarobics Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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