Saturday, August 18, 2012

There is no place better than the Caribbean!

I am so blessed to be able to spend one month touring some of the islands of the Caribbean. As I listen to the beautiful music for Grenada Carnival and watch the way the music inspires all different moves, all I can think about is how inspired I am to create. On carnival Monday in Grenada, I watched many of my fellow masqueraders express their joy and excitement. The truck stopped, I and many women had the oppurtunity to stand and wine! Plenty people going down low, going to the side, jumping straight up in the air with their standard or just pushing back on the man behind them, We couldn't wait to display our winin talent! This is how we progressed throughout the day. Walking and winin! Chipping  and winin! Jumping and winin! Juking and winin! MADNESS!!

The truck stopped and the music was flowing!!!! AHA! A new move was born! LMAO! Music is my muse! The best place to find inspiration is when you playing mas! Soca music has a way of freeing up the mind to create magic! Classes start in September. Are you ready to experience playing mas while exercising and getting fit?

STAY TUNED FOR MORE.............................